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Trailers for short or long term hire


Ifor Williams HB511 double horse trailer - Twin axle

Unladen Weight: 965kg (payload of 1735Kg)

Gross Weight: 2600kg

Capable of carrying two 17.2h horses

Prices starting from-


£50 per day

£85 weekend

£250 week

Ifor Williams LM166 Flat bed c/w drop removable sides and ramps - Twin axle

Unladen Weight: 795kg (payload of 2700Kg) Gross Weight: 3500kg

Internal Measurements - 4.77m/15'6" x 1.98m/6'5"


Prices starting from -


£40 per day

£65 weekend

£200 week

Franc Trigano single axle 




Unladen Weight: 75kg (payload of 675Kg)

Gross Weight: 750kg

Internal Measurements - 1.27m x 2.5m"

(Optional taro cover)

Prices starting from -


£20 per day

£30 weekend

£100 week

Legal requirements for Trailer Hire

It is up to the hirer to check they have the correct entitlement on their driving licence (must be a UK one) to ensure they are legal to tow the trailer they are hiring. If you are unsure, please visit the Towing and the Law page.

It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure there is a legal number plate on the trailer you are hiring, we can help attach it onto the trailer if need be. Anyone taking their hire trailer without a legal number plate, do so at their own risk.


European Travel

For any trailers hired for european travel, please call us to discuss before booking.

Before booking please read through our Terms of Hire

For booking and enquires, please contact us on 01404 822335 / 07778 406050 or, email


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